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Whether it is the hushed footsteps of monks ambling through a temple in Yangon, the zoom of mopeds in Ho Chi Minh City or the waft of street food peppered with aromatic spices in Bangkok, Southeast Asia begs to be explored from the ground up. Thailand, Cambodia, Vietnam, Laos, Myanmar and Indonesia capture the senses as well as the imagination with their picturesque landscapes, solemn pagodas, deep spirituality and unique histories.

Thailand is known for its bustling klongs and markets in Bangkok and white-sand beaches. Yet much beauty can be found in Thailand's sleepiest corners as well, and our deep-rooted connections mean unprecedented access to rare experiences, such as receiving a blessing from a monk or visiting remote villages and their people near sleepy Chiang Rai.

Cambodia and Vietnam have weathered tumultuous pasts, yet they are successfully navigating through the 21st century while preserving sacred traditions. Cambodia's crown jewel, Angkor Wat, reveals the incredible artistry and architecture of the mighty Khmer empire. In Vietnam, tour the colossal war-era network of connecting underground tunnels near Ho Chi Minh City or fall for Hanoi's French colonial charm as you discover the city by cyclo.

Laos is a spellbinding travel destination that seems to have stopped time, where Buddhist monks still walk down cobblestone streets in the early morning mist, silently accepting food offerings from locals. Neighboring Myanmar - whose borders recently opened to the Western world - is also steeped in timeworn beauty, enchanting even the most seasoned traveller with thousands of stupas in Bagan and monasteries along the Irrawaddy River. In contrast, sprawling Indonesia offers some of the most relaxing resorts in exotic Bali.

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