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Bhutan Luxury Travel

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Discover a Long-Closed Land

Draped along the mighty Himalaya lies tiny Bhutan, cut off from the “outside” for thousands of years. Now Bhutan is opening its gorgeous vistas, peaceful farms and unique traditions to a few lucky visitors. With A&K, gain special access to some of the most remote people and places in the world.

On an A&K journey to Bhutan, you can experience every facet of this incredible country. Travel to Thimphu, Bhutan’s temple-dotted capital, meeting monks in impressive monasteries. Continue into the stunning countryside to climb the twisting steps of the legendary Tiger's Nest Monastery, impossibly perched 3,000 feet above the valley floor.

However you decide to explore Bhutan, rest assured that A&K’s expertise - built on years of developing local connections - will reveal the country from an insider’s perspective.

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Best Time To Go
February - May, October - November
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Time Zone
ET +11 hours
Paro (PBH)

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