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A&K Philanthropy Partners with Local Communities to Empower Lasting Change

AKP Projects Around the World

With more than 45 projects worldwide, these are just a few of the philanthropy visits you can experience firsthand on an A&K journey.

Experience AKP’s Inspiring Work on an A&K Journey

See AKP-Supported Projects in Action

  • A&K Philanthropy and Cambodia Clean Water Project
  • A&K Philanthropy and Nakatindi Maternity Ward
  • A&K Philanthropy Bike Enterprise Program
  • A&K Philanthropy and Building Schools in Siem Reap
“In 2019 alone, guests introduced to AKP-supported projects during their holidays helped improve the lives of more than 125,000 men, women and children through donations to over 40 projects in 24 countries. That’s the impact that travel can make.”
— Geoffrey Kent